Kiwanis Hamburger Stand At Fireman’s Park

3guysAtGrillWhen you visit Fireman’s Park on Friday for the 4th of July be sure to stop by the Kiwanis Hamburger stand for a grilled hamburger your way. They are served hot off the grill with all the fixin’s. You won’t feel like its really the 4th of July without a Kiwanis hamburger. We start serving right after the parade or about 1 PM on Friday afternoon.

We’ll also have fresh Domino’s Pizzas. Domino’s will be supplying fresh made pizzas all day and well into the evening. You know you’re gonna’ be hungry while you are waiting for the fireworks to start. After you establish your spot on the hill send someone back down to get a fresh pizza for the whole family.

The Kiwanis Hamburger stand will be serving homemade Iced Coffee and bottled ice tea. They are a real refresher for a hot day. Dad might even stay awake through the whole fireworks this year with a refreshing Iced Coffee.

Eat and drink as much as you want … we’ll make more.