Performing Arts Pavilion FAQ


Q: When and how did the idea of a performing arts pavilion originate?

A: Questions were being asked as early as 2007 about the benefit of having a permanent facility in Germantown to host outdoor activities such as band concerts, art exhibits and festivals. In response to these questions Germantown Kiwanis decided to take on the challenge of building, what was initially referred to as a bandshell, in Firemen’s Park. A Buy-A-Brick program was introduced to raise funds, a committee was appointed to oversee the project and a listening session was conducted to determine community interest and support. The committee, in one of its first official acts, decided to change the name from a bandshell to the Kiwanis Performing Arts Pavilion.

Q: Where will the Pavilion be located?

A: In Firemen’s Park. It will be positioned in the southwest quadrant of the park, on a line between the Little League baseball diamond and the fire Station, near the current rest facilities. The structure will face in a north-easterly direction.

Q: Who will oversee and maintain the pavilion?

A: The Village of Germantown. Germantown Kiwanis is responsible for the fundraising, design and construction of the structure. Ownership will be transferred from Kiwanis to the Village as soon as construction is finished.

Q: What is the time-line for project completion?

A: Groundbreaking is planned for 9/1/2015 with an anticipated completion date of 6/1/2016.

Q: For what purposes will the Pavilion be used?

A: Community and High School band performances, art exhibitions, corporate events, festivals, Park and Recreation activities, weddings and other activities that can benefit from an outdoor setting.

Q: What are the dimensions of the stage?

A: The stage itself will exceed 1,000 square feet. It will accommodate 80-100 performers for a band concert.