Performing Arts Pavilion Dedication

John Gehl cuts ribbon on Gehl's Performing Arts Pavillion

John Gehl cuts the ribbon on the Gehl’s Performing Arts Pavilion in Firemen’s Park on Wednesday evening. From left, Katherine Gehl, John Gehl, Dwayne Ketterer, Lynn Grgich and John Krause.

When the ribbon cutting ceremony took place for the Gehl’s Performing Arts Pavilion on Wednesday evening, June 20, 2018, everyone in attendance knew it was more than just a cookie cutter civic event. It was a heart felt tribute to the Village of Germantown. Katherine and John Gehl both delivered surprisingly emotional comments on the Germantown community they so wanted to honor. Dwayne Ketterer of the Germantown Kiwanis Club expressed his gratitude to the people of Germantown who helped the Kiwanis Club complete this project. And Village President Dean Wolter gave praise to the Gehl Family for their sponsorship of the pavilion, and to the Germantown Kiwanis for their dream of building this beautiful concrete and steel constructed performing arts pavilion in Firemen’s Park. 

John Krause, the Kiwanis Club Vice-President who spearheaded the Performing Arts Pavilion project, told the crowd that over 500 Germantown citizens had contributed to building the pavilion. He said that when the Gehl Family put their support behind the project back in 2015 he knew this project would become a reality. 

After the dedication ceremony, the Germantown Community Band celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a breakout performance, their first in the Gehl’s Performing Arts Pavilion. GCB director James Barnes noted how much they appreciated the opportunity to finally get to perform in the new pavilion. This was a much anticipated event for music lovers here in the Germantown area. 

The dedication was the first opportunity for many Germantown citizens to see the pavilion and note the sponsorship plaques which have been mounted on the pavilion walls. Even more interesting are the sponsorship “bricks” which were purchased by area citizens now prominently embedded along the foot walls of the pavilion stage.

The Kiwanis Club is both proud and excited to see the Gehl’s Performing Arts Pavilion standing at the northeast corner of Firemen’s Park. This eight-year project was shepherded by members of Germantown’s largest local service club. Later this summer, on July 26, 2018, the Kiwanis Club will hand over the keys for the pavilion to the Village of Germantown at their flagship event, A Taste of Germantown here in Firemen’s Park.  A Taste of Germantown is a “Party in the Park” for the whole village. Food, entertainment and children’s activities will be enjoyed by all. All Germantown residents are invited to attend.

The Gehl’s Performing Arts Pavilion is located next to the Germantown Senior Center in Firemen’s Park. 



Germantown Community Band play at Gehl's Performing Arts Pavilion

Germantown Community Band plays at Gehl’s Performing Arts Pavilion for the first time. They were celebrating their 20th Anniversary in Germantown with a special performance.

Germantown Village President Dean Wolter thanked the Gehl Family for their sponsorship of the pavilion and the Germantown Kiwanis for the beautiful addition to Firemen’s Park.

Katherine Gehl said her family is honored to have this opportunity to give back to the Germantown community and thanked them for being such a great place to do business for over a century.

“Isn’t this a beautiful pavilion?” Dwayne Ketterer, Kiwanis President, asked an excited crowd.

John Gehl expressed heart felt thanks to the people of Germantown who helped his family build a business here in the village.

John Krause, the Kiwanis Vice-President and committee chairman spearheading the pavilion project, told the crowd that over 500 people had contributed time or money to build the pavilion.

Key players in the pavilion project (from left), Village President Dean Wolter, Katherine Gehl, John Gehl, Kiwanis President Dwayne Ketterer, Lynn Grgich, head of Germantown Chamber of Commerce, and Kiwanis Vice-President John Krause.

Unveiling the Gehl’s sign on the Performing Arts Pavilion.

Gehl Foods Performing Arts Pavillion

Major sponsors for the pavilion are honored on a sponsorship plaque.

Germantown Kiwanis Club members are honored for their efforts in building the pavilion.

This is what the “Bricks” look like for the sponsorship wall.


Here is a list of upcoming events at the Gehl’s Performing Arts Pavilion.

June 20      Germantown Community Band,
                      20th Year Celebration Concert

June 27      Change Makers Jazz Combo

July 11         All-Star Jazz Crusaders

July 18        Germantown Community Band
                      “It’s A Classic”

July 25         Muzik Bande & Dixielanders

July 26         Taste of Germantown

August 1       Germantown Community Band
                        “Theatrical Effect”