Kiwanis Performing Arts Pavillion a Reality!

At the last meeting of the Kiwanis Performing Arts Pavillion committee an early stage rendering of the actual pavillion was presented. The committee was excited to see this rendering, the first actual visual of the Kiwanis Performing Arts Pavillion based on engineering details. It is the first chance for the Germantown community to view a rendering of the physical appearance of the pavillion. The Kiwanis Club is hoping to have this structure built and in operation in 2016.

The visual rendering of the pavillion was done by G.Moxie, an area public relations and promotional firm headed by Germantown resident Lora Goranson. It depicts the size and scope of the proposed Kiwanis Performing Arts Pavillion. The pavillion will be located at the eastern edge of the park approximatley in the area of the July 4th Festivities each summer.

The Kiwanis Performing Arts Pavillion is a concept of the Germantown Kiwanis Club. They began promoting the idea and getting the permissions to go ahead on the project eight years ago. With an important base of private funding for the project now in place the Kiwanis Club has set 2015 as their projected target for building the structure. They are hoping that by 2016 the pavillion will be heavily used by the Germantown community.

After the structure is built the Germantown Parks and Recreation Department will use the facility to hold events in the park for the organizations, i.e., Germantown Band, the Germantown High School Band and oranizations such as Destination Imagination. It is the hope of the Kiwanis Club that more events will be created for the pavillion. One idea is to have a Jazz In The Park night at the pavillion for the whole community to enjoy.

Gehl Family donates $100,000

Gehl Gives $125,000 to PAP

Germantown, WI, April 15, 2015 – The Gehl Family, founders of Gehl Foods in Germantown, announced their $100,000 donation to the community’s Performing Arts Pavilion at an event on Wednesday, April 15th at Gehl Foods’ facility on Main Street. With their donation, the pavilion will be named The Gehl Foods Performing Arts Pavilion.

“As the lead donor for this project, our family is thrilled to have this opportunity to give back to the Germantown community and thank them for being such a great place to do business for over a century,” said Katherine Gehl, former CEO of Gehl Foods. “The performing arts pavilion will be a wonderful, long-lasting addition to the Germantown community, serving as an ideal venue for a variety of community programs and events.”

In a surprise announcement the new CEO of Gehl Foods, Eric Beringause, pledged an additional $25,000 toward the Performing Arts Pavilion project. The Gehl Family recently sold Gehl Foods to a Chicago based equity company. He echoed sentiments regarding the company’s continued support of the community. “Along with our hundreds of dedicated, long-standing, employees, Gehl Foods is excited to move forward with a continued commitment to the Germantown community,” he told the crowd gathered for the announcement.

“The generosity and commitment that the Gehl Family brings to this project is just what we need to spearhead this exciting project for the community,” states Dwayne Ketterer, Germantown Kiwanis President. “We are excited to celebrate their support of this great project and community development.”

The Germantown Kiwanis is shepherding this project to create a Performing Arts Pavillion in Firemen’s Park. Their vision to build the PAP for the community is seen as a way of giving residents of the village of Germantown a centering point for public performances. The PAP will be used by the Germantown Community Band, the Germantown High School Band, Destination Imagination and other groups in the community.