Kiwanis Sees New Rendering of Gehl Foods Pavillion

Gehl Foods Performing Arts Pavillion Rendering

A new rendering of the Gehl Foods Performing Arts Pavillion was presented at the regular meeting of the Germantown Kiwanis Club on Wednesday morning. The Performing Arts Pavillion committee was excited to see this drawing, which gives a better visual representation of what the Gehl Foods sponsored pavilion will look like. The new rendering was done by architect Brad Kropp, based on the new site for the pavilion in Firemen’s Park.

In recent months the  Germantown Kiwanis Club was in discussion with the Germantown Building Construction Oversite Committee. The committee has indicated that they want the Gehl Foods Performing Arts Pavillion to be constructed in the Northeast corner of Firemen’s Park. This location was a change from the earlier site between the baseball field and the old Firehouse. Adjustments to the structure needed to be made. Kropp presented the new rendering of the pavilion with the adjustments needed to accommodate the new site.

The Gehl Foods Performing Arts Pavillion is a concept of the Germantown Kiwanis Club. They began promoting the idea and getting the permissions to go ahead on the project ten years ago. With an important base of private funding for the project now in place the Kiwanis Club has set 2016 as their projected target for building the structure. The Germantown Kiwanis Club is looking for community minded people who would like to help with the funding for this project. They have so far seen about half of the $400,000 needed to build the concrete and steel structure. There is a GoFundMe site set up to accept donations. All donations are appreciated.  Just go to  this link: Donations can be made by credit card.

After the structure is built the Germantown Parks and Recreation Department will use the facility to hold events in the park for the area groups, i.e., Germantown Band, the Germantown High School Band and organizations such as Destination Imagination. It will be available for weddings and private events. It is the hope of the Kiwanis Club that more events will be created for the pavillion. One idea is to have a Jazz In The Park night at the pavillion for the whole community to enjoy.

Kropp is the Senior Project Manager at Perspective Design, Inc. He has volunteered as architectural consultant to the Kiwanis Club in service to the Germantown community. The Kiwanis Club is hoping to have this structure built and in operation in 2016.